Workplace Bullying
A Survivor's Lessons Learned


Workplace bullying has recently become recognized for what it is — a form of violence that destroys health, careers, and organizations.

Bullying can be physical but in the workplace is more likely to be psychological and emotional. Its effects are devastating. Over time, bullying can destroy a targeted person’s ability to work ever again and can result in death from stress-related conditions like hypertension, or even from suicide.

Popular myth says that bullies only attack weak people. In the workplace the opposite is true. Workplace bullies selectively target people who are competent, people they see as threats to themselves. The purpose of a bully’s attack is to drive a competent person away.

People enduring this enormous stress seldom have the time or the energy to read dozens of books and websites in search of advice. They need to know, right away, if they’re the target of a workplace bully and, if so, have at their fingertips clear guidelines on how to start protecting themselves. That’s the purpose of the book and seminars promoted on this site.

The information and tips in Workplace Bullying: a survival guide, can help people in both Canada's public and private sectors. Sections cover the nature of bullying, what makes a serial bully, why bullies target an organization's most competent people, common dirty tricks used by bullies and how to counter them; as well as information on post-traumatic stress disorder, defamation of character, and much more.

The focus of the seminars is to alert people to the phenomenon of workplace bullying and give them tools that they can use immediately to start protecting their safety in the workplace. The seminars also alert managers to the dangers posed to an organization by a workplace bully.

Workplace Bullying: A Survival Guide by Katherine Williams

Workplace Bullying: A Survival Guide
Katherine Williams